A Cosmic Trip for you

Been messing with text to Ai and and delving back into After Effects (AE) after I couldnt face it for Hacked In. It really is incredible what text to Ai can do alongside something called Stable Diffusion and another technique called Out-painting.

Basically I fed either some of the lyrics direct, or descriptions of what I wanted some of the images to look like and then added styles such as certain artists or sci-fi matte painting and so on. Out-painting is using the Ai prompts to expand on each previous image, keeping the original image in the centre. I just kept doing that to create the images for the zoom, which I had to manipulate in AE to actually create the continuity. Stick on an Ai generated spaceship cockpit and some of this and that in AE and bingo....Cosmic return trip (song dropping Electric Wizard there!)

Give it a go, it's ace! I used Dall-e 2 and Nightcafe, but there are more and more all the time.

Black Hole Down video

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