A ghost from Christmas Past….

In 2003 my good friend Fosta and I had decided we going to try to be commercial song writers and off the back of this rose this Christmas song “I Often Feel Like It’s Christmas Day” (I mean I don’t…


Vietnamese Sexagenarian sweet dreams about our next song?

1st things 1st, sign up to our email list below and you’ll get access to an exclusive prerelease version of our next stonking beast of a song; Sweetness. It will be released in January now, mainly as I just don’t…


Rough artwork for next single (Illustrator is soooooo hard!!)

Here is the basic design for the artwork for the “cover” of our next single, named Sweetness. There’s a touch of Hitchhikers guide about it, mixed in with weird 80’s childrens Sci-Fi series Chocky?

It looks pretty basic (and it…


Big in Vietnam?

Hooning about in the basement of the music industry, as most bands do at the beginning, rarely awards you recognition, unless you’re organised, well funded and of course good enough to be seen and heard above the masses. This presents…


Double trouble is what we want!

As we are a heavy (or sludgy at least) two piece band, I think it’s time we showed some love for all those other twin engined double trouble stomping duos out there, that also kick some measurable amount of backside!


“ was wild! Kinda like coming out of anaesthesia..”

Yaaaaaaaasssss LOVE that description of what listening to Scream is like!! This is from the Rise Guys Radio show in North Carolina, on their Brutally Honest Music Review.

This is the 2nd time I’ve submitted my music to them, the…