“..it was wild! Kinda like coming out of anaesthesia..”

Yaaaaaaaasssss LOVE that description of what listening to Scream is like!! This is from the Rise Guys Radio show in North Carolina, on their Brutally Honest Music Review.

This is the 2nd time I’ve submitted my music to them, the first time back in 2015 (i think?) with an early version of Bite the Rope and both times they played my music, which is v.cool!!

The format has the 4 “Rise Guys” listen to two songs and each member has a buzzer to indicate when they don’t like the song anymore and the one with the least buzzes wins…………..Of course in both cases we won with no buzzes 🙂

However this time unlike in 2015, they couldn’t get hold of me to have a chat, so they decided to phone the other band who was pretty local which was some very pleasant country music (honestly dead chill!) by a guy called Jarrett [2 buzzes, just saying 😉 ]

Anyway other excellent remarks about Scream from the show include:

” I feel like i walked in on Korn blanking Muse” – whatever blanking means, could be blinking? Anyone from the US/North Carolina know…I feel so British ha! EDIT – Oh right, blinking is listening according to the Urban Dictionary. Right, I was envisaging Korn getting all huffy and purposely ignoring or “blanking” Muse, as Matt Bellamy jumps up and down in front of Jonathan Davis and Munky, screaming “LOOOOK AT MEEEEEE!!” or maybe ” I CAN USE A PITCHSHIFTER TOOOOOOOO!!”

“I didn’t realise I was a fan of Cosmic Thunder Pop Sludge Rock” – Everyone Should be 🙂

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