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Get lost beyond the event horizon with our new track Black Hole Down.  Follow us and we will be so pleased we may do a little dance?

Listen  below!


Well.........you know we WILL gig someday and when we, do we'll tell you all about it :)

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I temporarily sound like Grimes, which is nice! 

Using that amazing voice replacing artificial intelligence, a new version of Black Hole Down is out now with the dulcet tones of Canadian singer and pusher of boundaries; Grimes. Thanks to her Elftech Ai witchiness I now sound like Grimes, at least for this song!


Black Hole Down remastered and re-released on 28th July and the Grimes Ai vocal version on the 4th August!! 

After the Magroove cock up, Black Hole Down is to be re-released on the 28th July. Only this time there are extras as follows!!:

A remastered version as the main release
The original release now called the In Your Face Mix, as it's just one more louder innit?!
The Lost in Space instrumental version
The Fully Arped instrumental version of Bite The Rope
The Go Away instrumental version of Scream
Instrumental version of Sweetness
Instrumental version of Hacked In

But on the 4th August a version of Black Hole Down is released with my vocals put through an Ai system created by Grimes' team, so it is essentially Black hole Down with Grimes singing! It took a fair bit of my studio time to have it sound and sit well in the mix but i'm loving it! :)