Vietnamese Sexagenarian sweet dreams about our next song?

1st things 1st, sign up to our email list below and you’ll get access to an exclusive prerelease version of our next stonking beast of a song; Sweetness. It will be released in January now, mainly as I just don’t have the time (or funds) to market it now, plus it needs some remixing, but rest assured its a belter!!

In fact if you kindly gave your email via a Facebook or Instagram campaign I did via Hypeddit, for either Bite the Rope or Scream, then I replied a few weeks later with an email and within was a link to the pre-release version of the song, which is titled Sweetness (cover art below)! Search your spam filter if you did, you need a little Sweetness for Christmas 🙂

In other news, after the far east Playlist farm situation in Vietnam, Scream reached 6300 streams and not one single one of those spawned any true listeners, shite! Still it was exciting to see how high it would go!

And it looks good on the Spotify page!


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