Overheard in a Trappist 1e shopping mall "At this rate the Milky Way will collide with Andromeda, quicker than FYDStar releasing their next single!!!!"

I know, right?!

I have a lot of intention but also a lot of distractions at home these last few years and tbh often my heart is not in it to make music. It comes and goes, but it goes more than it comes!

When i do get the urge, it's exciting again and stuff gets done! In fact its usually been the case that the majority of the production of a song is done in a relatively short time, but the lead up to that relatively frenetic burst can be an age.

Also financially i have been skidding along on my arse for best part of two years now and it is disheartening to not be able to fund the marketing of a song at all, like what happened with Hacked In, though I do get it that, Hacked in was a tad political and not all about space, not even a little bit, so there's that......

At the moment there is no "but now *this* has happened so we're able to blast out singles like a Civet presumably shits out those coffee beans they eat??" (thus making the most expensive coffee in the world, yes, shat cat coffee!!!). But if you like what we've done so far (those 4 things in 2 years!), stick around because there is plenty in the tank, its just I only drive slightly more than that lad in The Lost Boys grandad!

Cheers Gaz



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